We are on the lookout for ambitious marketers that love to be a part of our unique yet highly talented team.

    Proactive Attitude
    Everyone makes mistakes and has bad days. We love people who rise above and commit to improvement.
    An Open Mindset
    Close-mindedness stifles progress. We encourage our employees work with an open mind to foster growth.
    High Standards
    Without our clients, we are nothing. Which is why we strive for excellence in our work and our interactions.

    Why Work With Us?

    We like to think we are pretty cool to work with. Come build your career with 321 Media.

    We Are People
    We like to think of our team as more than just a number. Which is why we strive to lead with empathy and understanding.
    Unlimited PTO
    We are serious about work/life balance. Enjoy your time-off guilt free. We are a team, the work will get done.
    Work Remotely
    The majority of our employees work from home and work when it fits their schedule. We trust you to perform without micromagement.
    We are not currently hiring. Please check back again soon.

    Start a New Career

    If the position you are looking for is not listed here, reach out to us.